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 A few years ago Dave Martin and Jim Aitken-Ballard opened this shop and made something out of nothing. It seems they did it well as they just celebrated the shop's fifth birthday! Dave Martin and Jim Aitken-Ballard, having been friends for many years decided it was time to form a partnership and Madhouse tattoo was the result. Jim having owned and run a number of tattoo shops had the plan and Dave had the ability to do the tattoos without the massive ego issues a lot of artists have. After deciding that they didn't want to enter the high street they took on a unit in the Maltings in Stanstead Abbotts which has now grown into a full shop where all things tattoo are undertaken, safely and under license from the local authority. You wont find egos here about what we do we just concentrate on the artwork and that speaks for itself. If you have ideas, designs or just an image in your head we will design it for you. You wont be asked to pick from flash sheets as our source material is your ideas which will then be drawn on you on the day.

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Unit 60 The Maltings  Stanstead Abbotts Hertfordshire SG12 8HG

01920 877582

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